First NFT Name Registrar

As the name suggests, is the first NFT name registrar in the industry. After seeing so many tremendous NFT collections (shout out to every creator out there, you are doing a great job) we decided to support the entire community by creating this naming service. We believe that all NFT owners should have the option to set names on their NFTs.

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Early Pioneers Exclusive Edition

20th November, 10:00 PM UTC

We are live!

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Approving Corgis Edition

First NFTname Collection Edition - 21st November, 8:00 PM UTC

We are live!

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Your cool NFTs deserve cool names

With NFTNAME.IO the user will receive a unique NFT certificate, verifying and documenting the rename on-chain. Each NFT generated by us represents a certificate that contains the unique name, collectible's picture, original collection name and owners address. This information is stored and locked forever on-chain.

NFT Name Certificate


The name and the link with the original NFT will be stored on-chain in the Smart Contract. Every certificate will be a ERC-721 Token.

0.X Gas Fees

By using Polygon blockchain, we reduced the gas fees near to 0$.

Ethereum & Polygon NFTs

You will be able to name both, Ethereum and Polygon NFTs. More chains will be added later.


Creative and Commercial rights included for the NFT owner.

Limited NFT Editions

There will be multiple limited NFT Name Editions with unique thematic and fixed supply. Future themes will be voted by the community.

Early Pioneers Edition

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Exclusive Collection Editions

We will host multiple events together with our partners. Unique certificates designs and many more other surprises will come.

Approving Corgis Edition

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Early pioneers edition

The first edition is dedicated to our community. Get a certificate and become our Eearly Pioneer who will be able to vote future thematic editions, helping the project to get bigger and bigger.

The price of the first certificate is 50 Matic. Wanna name more NFTs? No problem, we got you. All secondary certificates will cost only 25 Matic.

Free next edition certificates

Half of the first edition supply will be dropped randomly to the holders. Get your 50% chance to win a certificate from the next exclusive edition.

Join our community for more announcements.

Royalty System For The First Owner

Every owner that will submit a name for the first time will receive 50% of the mint price from future renames of that specific NFT.

Lifetime Recognition

Every owner that names it's NFT will have his name saved on the certificate, for lifetime. Even if you decide to sell the NFT, your name will be saved on the certificate so the entire community will know that you owned the token at one point.



1. What is about?

First NFT platform where you will be able to RENAME your NFTs and you will receive a NFT certificate attesting the change. Example: rename 'CryptoPunk #123' to 'Andrew'

2. Can I rename more than 1 NFT that I own?

3. Can someone rename my own NFTs?

4. How can I trade my name certificates?

5. What happens if I sell my NFT and the new owner wants to rename it?

6. What is the mint price?

7. When is the release date?

8. How do royalties work?


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